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Tips for Homeowners Wanting to Sell Their Homes

Home owners often complain about their inability to attract the ‘right’ audience or people who might actually consider buying their homes. If you’re amongst these homeowners you should consider putting your home for sale on Property Guide. That way you’ll actually increase your odds of selling your home.

Property Guide is the largest online classifieds marketplace for second-hand products and that includes property and real estate, too.

If you are considering doing this, keep these tips in mind:

Refurbish and renovate your home.

Clean up your house and ask renovators to repaint and re-do your house. If there are any cracks in the walls, get them filled. Trade those rusty pipes, wallpapers and loose tiles in for something fresher, trendier and contemporary.

Remember, when putting up a house for sale, buyers on Property Guide will want to see what you have to offer. The more presentable your house, the better.

Personalize it.

It’s often said that the first impression you make on anyone is also the last impression you’ll make for them. Buyers aren’t looking for big, empty, houses. They’re in search of houses that have that ‘homely’ vibe to them. So, consider leaving some of your furniture and/or your television set behind.

Put up pictures or take videos of your house and the various rooms in it.

Some people might not be able or willing to drive long distances but you could always give them access by taking pictures of your home’s interiors and exterior, too. Put these up on Property Guide and on social media websites, too.

Property Guide is a great place for those of you who wish to pull in customers but in order to do so, you need to make a good first impression and that can only be done, if you have good pictures and videos that show interested parties what your house is all about.


This is the digital age and that means buyers have access to tons of information regarding real estate and property. Don’t inflate your price to the extent that one wouldn’t consider investing in it at all but don’t go low enough to make your house seem worthless. Keep your prices competitive by going 10-15 % lower than other homeowners in your neighborhood/area.

Have a house you’re consider renting out or selling?

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