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Stage Is All Set For DHA Multan Plot Ballot

DHA Multan project is fastest growing project in Punjab with updates pouring in on daily basis. The development work is on rise and it is seeing and buying scenario at the moment.

Every evening lots of families visit DHA Multan site to see the new infrastructure with ring roads surrounding the sectors, main boulevard connecting both ends of DHA gates and villas being developed at fast pace. It is dream becoming reality for some.

when is DHA Multan Plot Ballot?

To answer this question we have gathered some factors which directly employs that Ballot is Coming. Yes you heard it right, DHA MULTAN will be conducting ballot soon. Conditions are favorable in every aspect.

1. Segregation of 1 Kanal Affidavits Files

DHA Multan announced that all those affidavits issued before 2017 end & kept open will not be included in Phase I- 1st Plot Ballot on 28th January, 2019. This may suggest that most of the affidavits from 2016-2017 are close or not available in market. Only affidavits issued in 2018-2019 are valid which are closing fast. Hence marking lower threshold to these files.

2. Phase 1 – Second Ballot Land Purchase Announcement

DHA Multan displayed a notice recently that the new land purchased in some areas will not be included in Phase I – 1st Ballot. Hence marking cutoff threshold to these files and Phase 1 files concludes here.

3. Multan Admission Announcement on SICAS School System page

SICAS school system facebook page announced admissions in March, 2019 with their team setting up temporary office in Arena at DHA Multan site. Their Head of School will be meeting parents on 25th March, 2019 for registration process and questions. The development work on SICAS building is on fast track near DHA Villas which was posted on our website on 22nd Feb, 2019.

4. Fast Construction of DHA Multan Villas & Askari Villas

These villas are purely designed for high class living with A+ construction and living standards. DHA Multan announced that they will handover possession of 30% Villas in Dec 2019, which now seems possible due to fast on-site work. 200+ villas gray structures are ready; their remaining construction work is in progress with complete locality shaping up fast. Askari Villas right across DHA Multan Villas are also raised till second floor. In future, it will be the heart of DHA Multan with families living in DHA Villas and Askari Villas in 2019.

5. Main Boulevard is Complete

One cannot deny the importance of Main Boulevard in any project. DHA Multan has completed this primary road that connects DHA gates from Bosan Road to Mattital Road. One can drive easily to Sectors from this road. Link roads between Boulevard to Ring roads are also complete. Overall it is high quality work and planning that can be seen in this project.

6. Sectors Development Update

DHA Multan official page shared development video inside Sector A, B & C which are main focus for delivery in current year. The water tanks in these sectors can be seen from a distance like big alien space ships .

7. For Cricket Lovers

Good news for all cricket lovers in Multan, Waseem Akram cricket academy is planned right here in DHA Multan. It will provide best facilities with proper coaching to inculcate sports in our youth.

8. Commercial Square

There are news of commercial hub planned in DHA Multan. It will consist of Mega Malls, Zoo, Cinema, International Retail Chain and a Club.

NOW is right time to invest in DHA Multan. To conclude, we think Inshallah maybe after Eid-Ul-Fitr, DHA Multan will announce Eidhi in the form of Plot Ballot for Plot Holders. Good Luck!