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Simple, Elegant and Affordable Home Cinema Room Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to build a home theater without spending million dollars? Even though phrase “homecinema” people usually connect with being rich and having too much space in your house, it is possible to build yourself a lovely, cozy and affordable home theater. Take a look how.

While some people like huge rooms, leather massage chairs, popcorn machines and crazy audio system, I’m one of those who would rather take small attic space, pillows on the floor and, well yeah, crazy audio system too, I’m not gonna lie about it, I love good sound. However, my perfect home cinema would be something like those pictures below, small, private, warm and cozy.

1 | 1

2 | 2

3 | 3

4 | 4

5 | 5

6 | 6

7 | 7

8 | 8

9 | 9

10 | 10

11 | 11

12 | 12

13 | 13

14 | 14

15 | 15

Cinema room can be built anywhere, in the basement, on the attic, in former garage, maybe in the kid’s room, terrace, living room of course, I can imagine even bathroom. It’s really up to you and your creative juices. To inspire you I’ve collected 15 simple but elegant and most important, I believe, affordable home cinema room ideas. For those who are only a step from getting their own home cinema, take a look at this awesome post on how to build attic home theater. Take a look and let me know which one is your favorite. If you already have your home theater, feel free to show me. Enjoy.