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Shadman Colony Gujrat city’s very best

Gujrat, the home city of Sohni, the leading lady in the epic romance of Sohni Mahiwal, may still be in its developing phase but is not far behind in terms of real estate. As there is a dearth of quality housing societies in the city, the prices of properties in commendable areas continue to escalate. Accordingly, the old Shadman Colony is home to the cream of the city and even as an unplanned society, it has come a long way over the years.

Situated on the 80-foot wide Main Boulevard, Shadman Colony comprises plots of various sizes. Probably because of a lack of planning and a lack of symmetry, 4-kanal, 2-kanal, 1-kanal, 10-marla, 8-marla, 5-marla, and other sized plots may be found right next to one another. A small commercial area featuring a few shops and a filling station are found at the entrance of the society while the mainbazaar is a short distance away.

A few years ago, the colony was plagued with several problems including decrepit roads and a deplorable sewerage system. With no specific management, the society suffered from these conditions for a while. Then, the government took notice of the conditions last year. Already, roads have been improved and a proper sewerage system is in place.

Another problem the society faced was a security concern. A lot of the owners are non-resident Pakistanis or women who live by themselves as the men were working overseas. Although the society still lacks a proper security system, the security condition has significantly improved over the years, according to residents.

Today, the colony shines bright and beautiful as houses of various sizes show off their splendor on neater roads. Because of this, it is no wonder that rates are significantly accelerating. A 10-year old 1-kanal house on the main boulevard costs a whopping PKR 25,000,000, while one in the inner areas of the society is priced at approximately PKR 350,000 per marla.

As Shadman Colony is rather saturated right now, the city has opened its gates to New Shadman Colony which outlines the vicinity of Shadman Colony. Rates in New Shadman Colony are currently lower than those in Shadman Colony and investors are likely to find a plethora  of options to fit their needs.

According to real estate experts, once New Shadman Colony is developed, with a significant amount of land sold and houses constructed, prices in Shadman Colony are likely to further accelerate.

Personally, I think the society should work on devising a proper security system, improve its commercial area, and ensure that roads are maintained and cleanliness is guaranteed. Being one of the only elite areas in Gujrat city, Shadman Colony still has a lot of potential.

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