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Putting the outdoors to good use


For many of us, outdoor furniture was a set of simple wrought iron chairs and a rectangular table painted in glossy water-resistant paint that would wear off anyway. Well, times have changed and many people now wish to have exclusivity in everything they do and own. This is also true of home décor and people’s choice in outdoor furniture.

Many brands in Pakistan are serving people’s love for unique items including designer outdoor furniture and fixtures. If you, too, think it is time to bring your home’s outdoor style up to the standards of the indoors, you should also know your options.

Today’s happening lifestyle has its own set of needs and when it comes to outdoor furniture and fixtures, these needs constitute more than simple lawn chairs. Garden parties, evening teas and banquets are all best suited for lawns if there is a big enough space available. For bigger gatherings, you can make temporary arrangements but for regular ones, your front lawn should be equipped with the necessary items.

Furniture and fixture options



For bigger lawns, nothing can be more visually enriching and functionally appealing than a gazebo. While you can choose to match the gazebo style with the overall theme of your home, it doesn’t really matter. Pick your favourite style, furnish it accordingly and I bet you would want to spend your late afternoons there.

Gazebos are usually made of wood but you can also choose other materials such as fibreglass, wrought iron, marble, stone, bamboo or plastic, etc.



Hammocks practically spell rest and relaxation, especially if there is a gorgeous beach in the backdrop. But a hammock in your lawn or backyard is an equally enticing prospect. Hammocks are usually made up of weather-resistant, durable and lightweight material, which makes them easy to install, carry around and use. When spending as little as PKR 1,500 or even less can give you the feeling of a luxury vacation at home, you mustn’t say no.

Garden Swings


Garden swings are a very popular outdoor item and they are available in various styles. If you intend to buy one, you would have to choose between the styles available in the market, but getting one custom-made would give you more liberty in terms of size and style. Most of these swings are made of cane and are available in various styles, including hanging ones and those with a base stand. I am personally fond of the Chinoti swings with extensive and intricate wood carving, but such swings need to be placed in the shade where direct exposure to sun and rain doesn’t diminish their beauty.

Sun loungers

sun lounger

When it comes to placing sun loungers, you have a ton of options because you don’t necessarily have to place them in the lawn. A small private space such as a room’s balcony, sunroom or terrace is where a sun lounger can also perfectly fit in to help you get your much-needed dose of Vitamin D. For these sun loungers, you again have various styles and materials to choose from, including the portable ones made of parachute, wood, wrought iron, rattan or plastic.

Garden sofas, chairs and tables


If you have a gazebo in your lawn or plan to have one, a garden sofa set can be placed inside it. If you are not too keen on having a gazebo, you must have a proper sitting arrangement in your lawn. A cosy sofa set or a set of garden chairs can make your outdoors more inviting and comfortable.

There is no harm in choosing an elaborate one (in case you have a bigger lawn, of course) since it would be a very fine investment in your well-being, and at the same time would give a lasting first impression to anyone who comes over. Along with a garden umbrella and some waterproof sofa seats or cushions, your lawn would be all set to become an oft-visited part of the house.

Material options


For certain types of frequently used outdoor furniture such as gazebos and garden swings, wood is the preferred material. The durability of wood and its unmatchable ability to be beautifully trimmed into different shapes make it perfect for almost all sorts of furniture, be it outdoor or indoor.

Wrought iron

The delicate look of wrought iron and its weather-resistant structural strength make it one of the best materials used for making outdoor furniture. My observation has been that wrought iron furniture meant for outdoor use is usually more attractive than indoor wrought iron furniture.


Outdoor furniture made of rattan has a very appealing look and since it is lightweight, moving it around is also easier. The only drawback of rattan furniture is less resistance to direct sunlight and water. But if you cannot resist the appeal of outdoor rattan furniture, you must place it in a veranda and it will look and stay awesome for a long time.

These are some great ideas to brush up your home’s outdoor areas. Go ahead and let your lawn reflect your aesthetic sense and, at the same time, put it to good and healthy use!