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Live Large In a Small Space

A typical household unit caters for at least five or more members of the family in Pakistan. To top it off, the household is often burdened with the responsibility of accommodating a number of guests – usually relatives – that end up staying over for several days. More often than not, this requires extra beddings to be taken out of storage, spare pillows and other spare “bed and bath” accessories.

Having a stock of such accessories – pillows, mattresses, bed covers, etc – is therefore not really a choice but a necessity for the average Pakistani home. Even if the size of the resident family is limited to four members, backup accommodation facilities are a must-have if you are a hospitable family that welcomes guests enthusiastically into their home.

But keeping this backup stock requires storage space. Now, house builders usually pay little attention to allocating ample space for storage as the focus is mostly on apparent structures. But with a bit more attention during the construction phase, one could easily double the storage space in the same available area.

Here are a few super smart ideas on organising your stock of extras and utilising extra space in the house. Most of the structures might surprise you, but I am pretty sure you will be positively surprised when you put this kind of intelligent utilisation of space into practice in your house. So here’s a list of what you can do:

  • The most basic thing to do is to get couches that can be converted into beds if needed, i.e. hide-a-beds.


  • If your beds have accessible space below them, you can stow away quite a lot of bedding under there. So another easy hack is to have drawers installed into the bed set or have the platform of your bed raised to put your stuff under it.

brilliant-ideas-for-tiny-bedroom-17 brilliant-ideas-for-tiny-bedroom-14

  • Make lots of shelves and preferably hide them. You could have shelves behind your bed like this one:


  • Utilise the space under the staircase. You may want to make cupboards or drawers based on what suits your needs best.


  • Have shelves built towards the ceiling of your room. Storing your extras in overhead baskets would help you get rid of the clutter occupying the space on the floors.


  • Use the hollow space in couches to store stuff like books.


  • Another effective way to make your house look more roomy is by losing cabinet doors. I admit that it will have a more exposed look so you’ll have to be careful with what you put in the cabinets, but this way you could add furniture to the area without having to worry about allowing for enough space to open and close the cabinet doors.


  • Embracing a busy living room is the new trend. Do organise the stuff you place in it, but don’t be afraid of mixing your regular stuff with formal living area accessories. Utilise a vacated fireplace using creative decorative ideas like this one:

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  • Use under-foot space, which you can create by constructing raised floors. This could conceal your stored stuff beautifully.

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So get creative with the space you have. It doesn’t really matter if the house if 10 or even 5 marlas, it is your creativity and attention that matters during the construction process. Don’t let your house get crowded even if you have a stack of indispensable stuff. Organise it and place it behind plain interiors.  Just keep in mind, you could easily layer everything up to create space in between, but don’t forget to make it seem sleek on the outside.