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Latest Drawing Room Decor Trends for 2016


Going with the trend for every year? Here is a general picture of what is trending in 2016. These chic home decor ideas are sure to transform your living room to sport a trendy style that is in line with the common trends.

1. Gold & Bronze


Home decor styles for 2016 are steeped into luxury and it is the norm for living rooms to sport warm metal tones like copper, brass and gold. Use these sunny tones sparingly in lighting fixtures, furnishings and accessories,to create a statement piece instead of overpowering your room with these colors

2. Colour Trends


Don’t shudder at the thought of Pantone Color of the Year 2016 being marsala. This seductive color need not become overpowering in your room; when marsala is used in moderation with whites, dusty pinks, and grays your wall colour palette can get a stunning outlook. You can even consider adding a rug and a few accessories in the marsala shade to hold everything together in a room.

3. Personalized Accent Walls


Accent walls are not plain with paints and wallpapers. This 2016 accent walls are getting a personal touch with a collection of pictures and books that makes the walls livelier.

4. Statement Furniture


Unique furniture has the power to draw attention towards its space and has become popular in home decor. Statement furniture has taken the center stage this year, since exclusive furniture has the ability to breathe new life into a space and it makes the other furniture stand out as well. Sit a unique chair in your living room to stay in line with the current trend.

5. Metal & Wood Blends


Wood furniture has long been the preferred type of furniture in every home. Now it is the era of geometric wire tables and chairs that are being blended seamlessly with wooden furniture. These metal wiring patterns are a hot favorite in lighting fixtures as well. All in all there is an influx of metal fixtures and furniture this 2016.