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Lahore Ring Road effect on Golf View Residencia

The dilemma that is the Lahore Ring Road (LRR) cutting through Bahria Town still persists and victims are uncertain about the future prospects of the society.

I have consistently been updating you on the latest developments in this regard. In my last blog on the issue, I discussed the video conference between Malik Riaz and the affectees a few days ago. During the conference, Malik Riaz extended support to affectees and stated that he is trying his best to change the route.

I shared images of Bahria Town’s map showing markings of the LRR route in another blog post, which can be read here. However, I could not update you about the status of Golf View Residencia (GVR) with respect to LRR, which is why I am writing this post today.

Many people have invested in GVR, but are worried about it because they are uncertain about the future of their investment.

GVR is one of the Bahria Town Lahore’s developments which will be affected by the LRR route if the road cuts through the locality.

Please see the image below to have a rough idea of the LRR route through GVR:

Sale-purchase activity

Because of the LRR issue and the allegation that Bahria Town has not acquired land for GVR, people are keeping themselves away from the project. These are the reasons the locality is not seeing impressive sale-purchase activity currently.

Market prices

GVR consists of the northern zone and the southern zone. It features residential plots of 10 marlas and 1 kanal and commercial plots of 5 marlas in these zones.

The current market price of different categories of plots in the locality is as follows:

Plot Size Plot Type Market Price
10 Marla Residential PKR 3,200,000 to PKR 4,700,000
1 Kanal Residential PKR 6,500,000 to PKR 9,500,000
5 Marla Commercial PKR 27,000,000

Commercial plots were launched at PKR 30,000,000. However, the price of these plots has dropped further after its launch due to uncertainties about the GVR’s future.

Should you invest in GVR?

If you are planning to invest in the locality, I would suggest you wait until Bahria Town officially announces something about the acquisition of land for the project and also about the resolution of the LRR issue.

And those who have already invested in the area should either adopt a wait-and-see policy or sell their plots in GVR, if possible.

That’s all about GVR for the day. As always, I suggest you make informed investment decisions and scrutinise every factor before entering any deal. If you have any investment-related queries in mind, please feel free to converse with me in the comments section below.