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KEMC Housing Society Lahore | Merge in DHA Phase 11 Lahore Rahbar Sector

For well over a month, Lahore’s real estate sector is seeing tremendous activity in the housing societies that lie along, or close to, Raiwind Road, its Alternate Route and the Lahore Ring Road. Prominent among these projects are Khayaban-e-Amin, NFC Phase II and DHA Rahbar Phase II, which was recently included in DHA Lahore’s Phase XI.

It is not just the formal recognition of DHA Rahbar as part of Phase XI that has made many investors altogether more interested in this project; DHA, too, seems very keen about developing it on a priority basis and at par with rest of its phases in Lahore.

What triggered investor interest?

Compared to the other DHA Lahore phases, property rates in DHA Rahbar Phase XI are quite reasonable at the moment, which is one of the major factors why property demand here has surged. Moreover, the distance issue is now obsolete as the wider, smoother and completely functional Raiwind Road and its Alternate Route have made this area fairly accessible from central parts of the city. Additionally, the construction of the flyover that connects Main Defence Road with Ferozepur Road will make DHA Rahbar even more accessible.

Moreover, the developer has acquired more land, recently launched as DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension, where allocation files are hard to find. Currently, investors are deeming these new files as a great investment opportunity. If you, too, are interested in them, you must check our listing pages for files for sale in DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension.

Project status and property rates

A total of six blocks in DHA Rahbar Phase II, namely Blocks F, G, H, J, K and L, are 100% developed with possession available. All necessary amenities are firmly in place, tempting remaining plot owners to build houses here. These blocks feature just 5-marla residential plots and prices vary between PKR 3,500,000 and PKR 5,500,000.

On the other hand, in Blocks M, N and P of the same phase, where possession is expected in one month, the rate of 5-marla residential plots ranges between PKR 4,500,000 and PKR 6,500,000. DHA is developing these blocks along modern lines with underground wiring, bigger parks, wider lanes and a more systematically conceived commercial area. This explains why these plots awaiting possession are more expensive.

Over the last two weeks, a massive price rise has been seen in value of property in Blocks M, N and P. I have noticed that the rate of 5-marla residential plots has gone up by at least 20% in less a month. The ascent has been even more impressive for the commercial plots. To have a better understanding of the price rise phenomenon,

Future prospects of blocks awaiting possession

The experts I talked to about DHA Rahbar have told me that property possession in Blocks M, N and P is expected in May 2016. This suggests that the rate of property in these blocks can still go up. The impressive price rise observed in the past few weeks suggests that any further price rise will now be gradual and less stark. By the time possession is offered, the value of both commercial and residential plots in these blocks can go up by another 10%.

Quite interestingly, this attitude is also reflected by the preference of investors, who are now hunting for plot files in Rahbar Phase II Extension and are somewhat less interested in the plots awaiting possession.

DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension in the spotlight

At the moment, the demand is high for plot files in DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension. My sources have revealed that Phase II Extension lies close NESPAK Housing Society Phase III and KEMC Housing Society on Ali Akbar Road. Moreover, I have also learnt that DHA is currently acquiring more land in the vicinity, which explains why so many files are available in the market. There is, however, one reservation: the affidavit files, which are PKR 50,000 cheaper, aren’t being confirmed by the authority.

The market rate of a 5-marla allocation file as of April 18, 2016 is PKR 2,600,000, while that of an affidavit file is PKR 2,550,000. The 10-marla files, limited in number, are being traded for PKR 5,200,000. For a commercial plot files, the current rate is PKR 16,700,000 for 4-marla and PKR 24,000,000 for 8-marla.

Investment tip

Folks who have short-term investment plans should consider commercial and residential plots in Blocks M, N and P as their value can still inch upwards. The profit margin will, of course, be higher for the commercial plots.

Those looking at bigger gains with medium-term investment plans should go for DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension instead, and preferably commercial plots. Please bear in mind that these files are yet to be balloted. I have also learnt that DHA is likely to ballot Phase II Extension by the end of this year, which could bring along a juicy price appreciation of 50%. Moreover, DHA might take 2 to 3 years to offer property possession in DHA Rahbar Phase II Extension.

It is recommended to not buy affidavit files but to pick allocation ones.

I hope the information provided in this article is enough for you to make an investment decision. If you still have any questions or need to get in touch with an agent to purchase plots or files in DHA Rahbar, leave a comment below.