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DHA phase 9 has just done its formal balloting on 15th May, 2015. It was held in DHA Auditorium which is DHA Cinema Hall in phase 2. DHA phase 9 has been officially named as DHA Prism 9.

It was a very impressive launch and ballot ceremony. More than 400 guests participated. Secretary and Administrator DHA addressed and briefed about the DHA Prism 9 features. According to that it is going to be largest phase in DHA Lahore with 40000 kanals of land with 20000 residential units and 2000 commercial units.

It will have state of the art infrastructure of roads, civic zones, mosques, parks, golf course, amusement center, underwater zoo, dolphinarium, business convention center, and many more.

The development work will start from Jan 2016 onwards. It will on average take 3-4 years of time to complete the development of DHA Prism 9.

Now after the balloting, the list of ballot results will be available on the DHA website (I guess) from 18 May, 2015 onward. You can check their website

DHA Website

The owners of the plot files will start getting the intimation letter perhaps after 1-2 months’ time which will also let them be aware of the development charges schedule which roughly will be 18 – 20 lakhs of rupees to be paid in quarterly installments.

The DHA Prism 9 due to its location will eventually become a very attractive phase and perhaps the best phase of DHA Lahore. It will eventually command very high prices more than in any other phase of DHA after its full development.

Although the current prices for one kanal plot is around 62 lakhs. It will also add 18-20 lakhs to make it Rs. 80 + lakhs at present. I guess it still is good inverstment for future which has the capacity to appreciate upto (est) Rs:3 crores in future times.

The real estate markets many a time behave unpredictably. So there is nothing set in stone as far this assessment is concerned. Sometimes the supply and demand forces, the country situation, the investors trend and real or artificial speculation all play important part in reducing or increasing the prices.

We do hope that DHA Prism 9 actually turn outs to be what it promises.