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DHA Multan Project Latest Updates December 2018 | PROPERTY GUIDE

The DHA Multan market is moving very stable and rates are sustaining at the moment. The buying and selling trends are also stable due to fast pace development work by DHA Multan. To highlight some development work at the moment lets dwell into the project updates.

Infrastructure Development Update

• Main Boulevard Extension: At the moment fast pace development work is on rise on main boulevard extension and total DHA infrastructure. The main boulevard will soon be connected from Bosan Road to Mattital Road, thus providing easy access to all DHA sectors.
• Services Roads: Work has also started on both sides Service Roads along DHA main boulevard.
• DHA Ring Road: DHA Ring Road that will go around complete DHA project is also work in progress and few KMs are ready till Golf Avenue.
• Sector A, B & C: In parallel, DHA Multan has started infrastructure development in Phase 1 sectors A, B & C with focus on completing them before DHA plot ballot in first quarter of 2019.
• DHA Villas: The construction work on DHA Villas is in progress for 100+ villas, their gray structure is ready. The target is 2019 for handover of 25% villas for living.
• SICAS School foundations are completed, started work on ground floor construction now.

Upcoming Events

• Conversion of Affidavit to Allocation Last Date: The last date for conversion of DHA Multan Affidavit to Allocation is extended till Jan, 20th 2019. Our valued customers ask us the impact of this event on file rates. We think that the rates of 1 Kanal Affidavit will be stable around 4.8 million with at top fluctuation of 25K. After 20th Jan there would be only allocations available for Phase 1, sellers will target plot ballot so there would be limited files available. Normally low selling drives high rates in the market. So rate during this time would increase due to high demand and is expected around 5-5.5 million.

• Plot Ballot in 1st Quarter 2019: After plot ballot in 2019’s first quarter, the rate of 1 K plot if around 6.5+ million which can be compared to 6.8 million price of 1 K installment. Another factor is the location of plot that will add value on top of price.

2 cents on DHA Villas

Perceiving villas as high source of profit just like any other project of DHA is a wrong approach. This was not meant for short term ROI for investors. As villas project was purely designed for living. These villas are already priced high due to A+ construction and living standards.

The villas complex is being constructed near to DHA Main Boulevard, the most prized location of DHA Multan. They are equipped with most high end amnesties for living that includes load shedding free homes with their own commercial complex and mosque. The plan to handover 25% villas to owners before completion of installments is perceived as highly lucrative offer where residents can pay their installments instead of house rent and also enjoy high class living today.

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DHA Multan Cash File Prices Update

DHA Multan Allocation (10 Marla) 38 Lacs 

DHA Multan Affidavit (1-Kanal) 46.75 Lacs

DHA Multan Allocation (1-Kanal) 46.25 Lacs 

DHA Multan Phase 1 Ext Affidavit (1-Kanal) 32.75 Lacs
DHA Multan Phase 1 Ext Allocation (1-Kanal) 31.00 Lacs

DHA Multan Residential Installment Files Prices Update

5 Marla Own  4.85 Lacs  (Booking Price 20 Lacs in 3 years installments)

8 Marla Own  2.50 Lacs  (Booking Price 30 Lacs in 3 years installments)

10 Marla Own  5 Lacs (Booking price 35 Lacs in 3 years installments)

1 Kanal  (Booking price 68 Lacs in 3 years Installments )

2 Kanal Own 4.50 Lacs ( Booking price 130 Lacs in 3 years in installments)

DHA Multan Commercial Installment Plot Files Buyer Prices Update

4 Marla Own 13 Lacs ( Booking price 175 Lacs in 3 years installment)

8 Marla Own 4 Lacs  ( Booking price 350 lacs in 3 years in installment)