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DHA Lahore Vs DHA Karachi | Real Estate Price Differences and Comparison

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has always been considered as one of the top and priority real estate investment opportunity by the investors, either they are from Karachi or from Lahore. All the overseas Pakistani consider investment in DHA as a hassle-free opportunity due to its smart and quick property transfer mechanism along with the high-security perspective that is being offered by DHA.

Return on investment is one of the most crucial questions that is considered by the investors before investing in any plan, and there is no doubt that DHA offers amazing returns on property investment in both the localities, either it is Karachi or it is Lahore. DHA is listed among the top property listing directories as a reliable, fast and secure investment opportunity, where either the sale of a plot or renting a plot is not just easy but finding potential buyers and tenants in that area is also fast and secure. With proper security ensured by Defence Housing Authority itself, the investors feel confident regarding their returns on the investment and secure dealings.

Both the DHA scheme, either it is in Karachi or it is in Lahore, are well constructed with well-defined infrastructures and plot or house designs. Both are owned by Defence Housing Authority itself but the price differences among both are incredible to study. You can find a plot in various amounts within the DHA boundaries but when it comes to different cities, the price margin is too unique and different, that is why it is important for the investors to understand the price differences and invest accordingly as per their budgets with a keen eye over their merits and demerits.

DHA Expansion and its Demand

DHA is an ever-expanding project that is expanding the horizons of Pakistan’s most posh and elite class zone with premium housing society’s schemes every now and then. It allows its investors to reap real estate exclusive profits that are thoroughly secured via bounds of DHA. There are many other projects that are coming soon under the umbrella of DHA Karachi as well as DHA Lahore that is becoming a center of attraction to the investors and is now future of posh zone real estate investments.

The DHA property has ever-increasing demand especially among the tenants, where the upper middle class and the elite class are way too interested in occupying rental houses for them. As per the recent survey’s, the upper middle class tends to move to DHA for a raise in their lifestyle with a hint of showing their financial capabilities to their surroundings. Therefore there is much increase in rental opportunities in DHA Karachi and DHA Lahore, offering plots and houses at different rates.

Rental Price Comparison of DHA Karachi and Lahore

The first rental comparison of both the cities was made back in 2013, where the average rent of a house in DHA Karachi was almost 55% higher as compared to the rental price of DHA Lahore houses. This clearly indicates that in 2013 the confidence over DHA Karachi rental side was way much higher than DHA Lahore and the investors were too interested in investing in Karachi. With the passage of time, this percentage started to decline as DHA Lahore not just expanded but also started to offer more unique housing schemes and societies that were offering facilities as same as DHA Karachi. As per 2016 stats, the percentage falls to 24%, where the demand for DHA Lahore houses increased, decreasing the difference with DHA Karachi.

As per the recent stats held in 2019, the rent prices of DHA Lahore is now only 7.55% lower than DHA Karachi. The real estate portals indicate a fair increase in demand of houses available on rent in DHA Lahore, where the residents of Lahore and the investors are much interested in investing in DHA Lahore as compared to DHA Karachi. This can be due to the latest development plans of Lahore and increased infrastructure support of the city.

Back in 2013, the difference in 10 Marla houses was more than 1 Kanal houses. There was a difference of nearly 70% in the prices and the rental conditions. In 2014, for instance, if the rent of 10 Marla house of DHA Karachi was PKR 118,000 than the rental price of DHA Lahore 10 Marla house will cost around PKR 70,000 only. The difference was straight of PKR 48,000 which is undoubtedly massive. But today, in 2019, the rate of 10 Marla house in DHA Karachi is if PKR 118,000 for instance, then the rental price of DHA Lahore will cost around PKR 108,000 at least. Therefore we can see a significant change of approximately PKR 10,000 difference only. This can be due to the latest transportation system in Lahore with new projects and enhanced infrastructure.

Similarly, back in 2014, the rental price of 1 Kanal house of DHA Karachi was estimated to be PKR 160,000, whereas for DHA Lahore it was easy to find a similar 1 Kanal house in a rented rate of PKR 118,000. The difference was PKR 42,000. But now, the rate of DHA Lahore 1 Kanal house has increased as compared to DHA Karachi. Now you can find a 1 Kanal house rent out in DHA Lahore for PKR 175,000 for example, whereas the DHA Karachi 1 Kanal house would be still PKR 170,000. The law and order situation of Karachi has pushed down the rates as compared to Lahore property.

As per the latest reports, the rent per month for various apartments in DHA Karachi and DHA Lahore can be easily compared. An apartment with 2 bedrooms in main DHA Karachi comes in nearly PKR 32,000, whereas in DHA Lahore you can find a similar in PKR 28,000 only. The same apartment in slight remote or old area of DHA Karachi will come in PKR 21,000 rent whereas for DHA Lahore the same will be rented in nearly PKR 19,000. On the other hand, an apartment with more than 3 bedrooms and less than 5 bedrooms in the main area of DHA Karachi will come in nearly PKR 80,000 whereas in DHA Lahore the same apartment can come in PKR 72,000 per month rent. If the same apartment in DHA Karachi is in some far area with less development, the rent will drop to PKR 52,000 whereas in DHA Lahore it can come around PKR 50,500 per month.

Buyer Purchasing Rate Comparison of DHA Karachi and Lahore

It is interesting to evaluate that the purchase rate of DHA Lahore in 2019 is higher than the purchase rate of DHA Karachi. Lahore has developed to a greater extent in past 10 years as compared to Karachi, Karachi has faced severe law and order situations in past few years and the infrastructure and transportation facilities of the city is lacking behind Lahore from at least 5 years. This is the main reason why the investors are interested in DHA Lahore property purchase as compared to DHA Karachi, due to much secure investment with developed infrastructure and availability of more interested tenants in DHA Lahore as compared to DHA Karachi.

The price per square meter for buying an apartment in DHA Karachi in the main DHA area ranges to PKR 175,000 whereas in DHA Lahore it ranges to nearly PKR 190,000 per square meter. Similarly, the price per square meter for buying an apartment in DHA Karachi in far and less developed area of DHA Karachi ranges to PKR 80,000 whereas in DHA Lahore in same conditions there is a hike to PKR 110,000 per square meter.

Witnessing these changes, it is easy to evaluate that the rental prices of DHA Lahore tend to increase in upcoming years while leaving DHA Karachi behind. But there is no doubt that investing in either DHA project, the returns are safe and of course secure. Defence Housing Authority is working hard to increase the lifestyle of the people by offering advance infrastructure and houses to the residents of both the cities. is official real estate partner of DHA Karachi as well as DHA Lahore and we can help you in getting better rates when purchasing a property in either city or looking to become a tenant in either city. Just leave a message to us via online chat and our dedicated representative will get back to you, helping you with your investments in the most secure way.