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DHA Lahore Phase 8 – A Complete Guide for Buyers

A Complete Guide for Buyers

This piece of the paper focuses on various blocks of Phase 8 DHA in connection with the investment suggestions and different prices in each block. Phase 8 DHA Lahore Plots have a price tag higher than Phase 6, due to their ideal location and direct connections with Lahore Ringroad.

What do we see through the map of DHA phase 8 Lahore is a clear 6 residential blocks and a commercial hub are clearly visible.

Travelling from the ring road exit, you will first come across through the commercial Avenue. At present we are driven by the buildings constructed.

  •    Development.

  •    Extra floors.

  •    Activity.

In fact, Commercial Avenue has different features from the main boulevard phase 6. This area is planned for shopping outlets and business hub. Different famous local brands have already purchased commercial plots for business purpose.

Outline of DHA Phase 8

These non-possession Phase 8 DHA Lahore Plots offer most sanctuary and community living. Security in a sense that here Dolphin police force 24 hours move in each block.

The town planning of DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plots is different and one of its kind. It has 36 parks details are as under

  • 5 parks in S block

  • 8 parks in T block

  • 4 parks in W block

  • 5 parks in X block

  • 6 parks in U block

  • 5 parks in V block

  • 3 parks in Y block

Phase 8 starts from Block A and ends at Block Z making a total of 22 blocks.

Phase 8 has a direct connection from the Ring roadBhatta Chowk or Phase 1 approach, Phase 6 approach, airport road approach and Barki Road approach, making it one of the easiest blocks to approach from in and around Lahore. The drive from Phase 1 to Phase 8 is merely a 2.5 km drive. Similarly, other routes are there according to suitability and needs of anyone.

Most people purchased DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plots to build a home in the future. In 2013, these Phase 8 blocks were inaugurated. But the possession is delayed until 2017 because of certain unforeseen events.

The reason is thought behind its development, town planning, and the easy access to all 7 blocks. It is one of the few stages that remains almost untouched after taxes of 2016-2017. This shows, in contrast to other phases of DHA Lahore, that the speculation part amounts to only 10% to 15% of the value of real phase 8.

Here is a Look at Property Rates in Each Block

A price ranges of plots in Ex-Air Avenue and Ex-Park View:

Plot size

Price range in PKR

Ex-Park View


13,500,000 – 155,00,000

Blocks A – K


17000000 – 26,000,000


32,500,000 – 60,000,000

Ex-Air Avenue


11,000,000 – 14,000,000

Blocks L – R


14,000,000 – 22,500,000


32,500,000 – 40,000,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 – Block S

This block is on the side of Barki Road, where one of the main entrances are also located. However, the remaining blocks are considered a little offside, closer to the Lahore Ring Road interchange. It has a border with a local settlement that may become under DHA in the future.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


12,500,000 – 21,000,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 – Block T

There is a land pocket in this block and have are also some areas that are in dispute here.

But buyers should not be concerned because DHA does not allow the transfer of litigated plots. Some plots here are thought to be prime because these are opposite the most costly and prime block of the Phase VIII i.e. Block W, which explains some plots ‘ high rates.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


15,000,000 – 30,000,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 -Block U

It is closer to a local settlement and also a   high – tension wire passes over it, which makes half the block a little less desirable for the main buyers. The other half is considered to be ideal as Block U has the largest park of over 135 Kanals.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


15,000,000 – 30,000,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 – Block V

Block V is also facing the problem of high – voltage transmission lines because it is near to Block U. Moreover, there is a graveyard on this block. But some plots are considered highly desirable due to the closeness to Block U Park.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


13,000,000 – 27,500,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 – Block W

It is the most leading of all blocks in Phase VIII as it has no land pockets and no graveyard. In addition to that, two of the major avenues of Phase VIII and Phase VI are joined to it. Furthermore, Block W is also located in the centre of Phase VIII.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


25,500,000 – 32,500,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 – Block Y

It is situated on the other side of the Lahore Ring Road, in close proximity to the Nawaz Sharif Interchange. Here you can purchase property as plots are available of one Kanal only while development work on residential plots of 5, 8, and 10, is not yet completed.

Plot size

Price range in PKR


4,000,000 – 6,500,000


6,500,000 – 8,000,000


7,500,000 – 11,000,000


14,500,000 – 30,000,000

DHA Lahore Phase 8 ( IVY GREEN ) Block Z

This block is known as Ivy Green. Block Z is located on Barki Road opposite Block S. It includes seven blocks, i.e. Blocks Z, Block Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, Z-4, Z-5, Z-6. According to the plot sizes, here are somewhat more suitable options. Buyers can choose from 5-marla, 10-marla 1-channel and 2-channel residential plots. This block is under development work.

Prices Are With All Installments Paid

Block-Z1 Residential Plots

1-Kanal    : 90 to 105 Lacs
10-Marla  :  55 lac to 65 Lacs

Block-Z2 Residential Plots

1-Kanal  : 85 to 105 Lacs
2-Kanal  : 180 to 200 Lacs

Block-Z3 Residential Plots

1-Kanal  : 95 to 105 Lacs
10-Marla : 58 to 70 Lacs
5-Marla   : 34 to 38 lacs

Block-Z4 Residential Plots

1-Kanal     : 95 to 105 Lacs
10-Marla   : 55 to 65 Lacs
5-Marla     : 32 to 44 Lacs

Block-Z5 Residential Plots

10-Marla  : 55 to 65 Lacs
7-Marla    : 48 to 55 Lacs
5-Marla    : 32 to 40 Lacs

Block-Z6 Residential Plots

1-Kanal    : 95 to 120 Lacs
10-Marla  : 65 to 75 Lacs
5 Marla    : 44 to 50 Lacs

DHA Lahore Phase 8 IVY Green Commercial Plots Current Rates

4-Marla : 175 to 235 Lacs
8-Marla : 400 to 475 Lacs