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DHA Bahawalpur Ballot Ceremony 31 JAN 2019 | Ballot Results | BUY – SELL Plot 03331414052

DHA Bahawalpur Balloting Date Announced

(January 2019) After several changes, DHA Bahawalpur has finally announced the confirm ballot date. The date announced is 31 January 2019 but the results will be available online on the official website of DHA Bahawalpur as well as the official mobile app on February 1, 2019.

Check DHA Bahawalpur Ballot Result 2019

As per the latest update, DHA Bahawalpur is developing Sector A, B, and C at a quick pace and it is expected that the balloting will be conducted of these sectors. However, the sources have confirmed that other sectors will also be a part of the balloting process providing more people with the relief of getting the plots allotted to their name. The major attractions include a theme park, DHA Shopping Mall, DHA Club, NDU & NUML University, DHA Office Complex, and a lot more. The sources suggest that 60 to 65% of people are expected to be adjusted in the current ballot results in the developing blocks/sectors. DHA Bahawalpur Ballot Result 2019 will be held for all allocated and updated files till 30 January 2019.Check DHA Bahawalpur Ballot Result 2019

Latest Updates

As per the latest updates, the development work has started in Sector E and it is highly expected that the new and upcoming sectors will have a better location and they will be located near the Canal. The next ballot for the remaining sectors will take place in the next 3 months and timely updates will be provided by the developers of the project.  

In the upcoming ballot, there will be around 10 sectors where all the 2 Kanal plots will be allocated in Sector A. All plots of 1 Kanal in Sector A, B, D, and F will be allotted in the current ballot. After the ballot results are out, the sector map will be available online. Development is going to be started for sector F soon. There are sectors with smaller plots as well including Sector C that is specific for 10 Marla plots. The other sector with 10 Marla plots is Sector E where development work has started and it is expected that it will be completed within the year. Due to the fewer prices, the demand for 10 Marla plots is higher in these 2 sectors.