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Development status | DHA Multan still promising for investment


Changing the real estate situation of the city, DHA Multan still flaunts promising investment prospects amid all tax ambiguities. Unlike other societies, DHA Multan was not affected much by the new tax regime.

Situated on Bosan Road with one gate of the project on Mattital Road, the project boasts an excellent location. Although, the official launch of the project has been delayed, many people have secured lucrative returns by investing in the locality. Several rumours about the official launch of DHA Multan were also spread from time to time, however, none of them could be realised.

Currently, the sale price of 1-kanal files in Phase I of DHA Multan hovers around PKR 4,025,000. The price of the same file was PKR 4,350,000 almost three months ago, which recently dropped to PKR 3,750,000 and later on gained PKR 275,000 in value.

Only a few days ago, 1-kanal plot files in Phase I Extension – spanning two mouzas such as Tahir Kot and Larhan – have also been rolled out. Currently, the price of these files is PKR 3,300,000. I believe the value of these files will increase in the near future and will be at par with the price of their counterparts in Phase I.

Development status

As stated before, DHA Multan has not been officially launched and the reason behind this delay is unknown. Despite this, development work has already begun and both gates on Bosan and Mattital Road have been developed. Furthermore, a wide road connecting both these gates is also complete.

I have also heard that the Defence Housing Authority now plans to develop the boundary wall of the project.

DHA Multan has witnessed a huge influx of investment by both local and overseas Pakistanis. Now that plot files in Phase I Extension of the project are up for grabs, I believe this is the right time to invest in the locality.

That’s all I have to share about DHA Multan for the day. If you would like to add to the information I have provided in this post, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. Secondly, if you want me to help you get in touch with a trusted agent dealing in the project, let me know!

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