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Destinations for a luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan


For those looking to buy a property that fits in with a luxurious lifestyle, Pakistan isn’t usually the first country that comes to mind. However, it’s worth rethinking this preconception, because Pakistan is rapidly becoming a hotspot for luxury property. Pakistan’s largest cities Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, to name just a few, are becoming more and more developed. Bahria Town in Karachi is just one example of a recent “city within a city”, which is perfect for a luxurious lifestyle.Here at Lamudi, we want to help you find the perfect place for your magnificent new home. We’ve scoured Pakistan to find 4 of the best luxury spots in the country, and we’re here to share our findings with you.


Cantonment in Lahore


Also known as Cantt, Lahore Cantonment is known for its well-preserved green areas, its serene atmosphere, and its high security. Lahore’s military headquarters are nearby, and many people who live in Cantt work for the army. The location is ideal, it’s very safe, and the houses are well constructed. If you love nature and tranquillity, Cantt is the place for you.


Sector E-7 in Islamabad



Situated near to Faisal Mosque, Sector E-7 in Islamabad was one of the first residential areas built in the city. Nowadays, it’s the place where the wealthiest people in the city bring up their families. This is because Sector E-7 is close to some of the most famous schools and hospitals.


Bahria Town in Karachi


Located about 25 minutes from the international Airport and 20 minutes from the city centre, Bahria Town is in an ideal location. This brand new “city within a city” is not the first housing scheme built on this model. However, Bahria Town in Karachi is remarkable because it has such great facilities, including a golf course, cinemas, mosques, one of the biggest hospitals and the largest shopping mall in Pakistan.


Clifton in Karachi


Located on the seafront, Clifton is the ideal place to settle down with your family. This area is the second most expensive area for purchasing property in Karachi. This is because of the huge variety of activities it offers. There is always something to do on Clifton beach, from savouring a chai while looking out to sea to riding a horse or a camel across the sandy beach.