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Construction Cost Of 1 kanal House In Lahore Pakistan 2019

Building a house is not an easy task. You need proper planning and a team of experts who can help you through the process. It is also important to know how much money would go into the construction process before you start building your dream home. This is why we have chalked out a budget for you to help you channelize your resources. Let’s take a look at the construction cost of a 1 kanal house in 2019.


If you have read our earlier pieces regarding the construction cost incurred in building a 10 marla house, then you would have a fairly good idea about the kind of construction materials that are generally used in house construction. The house under consideration is a double-storey 1 kanal house with a total covered area of 6,190 sq ft. The ground floor has a covered area of 3,225 sq ft. and the first floor has 2,815 sq ft. The mumtee measures 150 sq ft. It is a 5-bedroom house with attached bathrooms and a powder room; there’s a kitchen on each floor, so there are two kitchens.

This blog will outline the budget for a 1 kanal house. To calculate the overall cost, we need to first determine the construction cost of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house. So, let’s get started.


At a glance: Breakdown of the construction costs to build the grey structure of a 1 kanal house

In the infographic above, we have shared with you the complete breakdown of the construction cost of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house. Please note the sub-totals for different categories have been highlighted and their details have been given under each figure.

To build the foundation of your house, i.e. the grey structure, you need the following construction materials: rebar, bricks, cement, wiring, kassu, sand and gravel. Installation of the main gate, construction of the septic tank, plumbing and wiring are also included in the grey structure.

However, none of these tasks can be carried out without the help of labourers. That is why we will first discuss the labour costs involved in the construction of a 1 kanal house.


Labourers usually charge per square foot. In the construction of a 1 kanal house, the rates are somewhere around PKR 350 per sq ft. So, for a double-storey house with a covered area of 6,190 sq ft, the total labour cost would be PKR 2,166,500.

Cost of Labour = 350 x 6,190 = PKR 2,166,500


Construction cost to build the grey structure of a 1 kanal house

Bricks are important in building the grey structure of the house

To calculate the correct estimate of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house, it is important to know the quantity of the construction materials used. So, the first thing you need to determine when building a 1 kanal unit, is the number of bricks. Around 135,000 bricks would be used to lay the foundation of the house at a rate of PKR 12.5 per brick. The total cost incurred on bricks would be PKR 1,687,500.

Sand and gravel are also vital components of the foundation of a house. For a house as big as 1 kanal, you would need around 2,100 cubic feet of Chenab sand which would cost you PKR 73,500. Ravi sand is considerably cheaper than Chenab sand and is, therefore, used in greater quantities. Roughly 5,250 cubic feet of Ravi sand is used in the construction of a 1 kanal house. The rate per cubic feet is PKR 20, so in total, Ravi can cost you PKR 105,000.‬

Margalla gravel is used to construct the roof of the house. Around 2,200 cubic feet of Margalla gravel is used at the rate of PKR 85, taking the total cost to PKR 187,000. You’d need 1,200 cubic feet of Sargodha crush at the rate of PKR 65 to build the floor of the house. Around PKR 78,000 Sargodha gravel will be required. Around PKR 66,000 worth of Rori is used in the construction of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house.

Cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori = PKR 2,197,000


A mixture of sand and mitti, Kassu is yet another important building material you’ll need to include in your construction plan.

Construction cost of a 1 kanal house

Cement helps strengthen the foundation of your house

Around PKR 200,000 worth of Kassu is used to build the foundation of a 1 kanal house. At least 9 tons of 60-grade rebar is used at the rate of PKR 120,000, which brings the total to PKR 1,080,000.

As for cement, which is the core material for the grey in the grey structure, around 1,600 bags will be required. The rate per bag is PKR 550. So, the total cost of the cement used to construct a 1 kanal house would be PKR 880,000.

Cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar = PKR 2,160,000


Do you want open plumbing in your house? Or, would you prefer a concealed plumbing system? Before you decide, take a look at these pros and cons of both options. Installing the perfect plumbing system in your bathroom will help you in the long run.

Don’t compromise on quality. Placement of pipes is equally important so make sure you don’t make any of these common construction mistakes. For such a technical task, you must hire a professional or an expert who can do the job for you. Keep a budget of PKR 210,000 in the plumbing of the house. Internal wiring of the house would cost you PKR 200,000.

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 410,000


Steel is of utmost importance in the construction of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house. Around PKR 94,500 would be needed to build the grey structure of a 1 kanal house. To install the main gate of the house around PKR The cost to install the main gate remains around PKR 800 per sq ft, taking the total to PKR 96,000. To ensure safety in your house, safety grills are equally important. These bars can cost you around PKR 133,000.

Cost of Grills, Gate and Chougat Steel = PKR 323,500


Termites can eat up the very foundation of your house. How about taking preventive measures beforehand to keep termites at bay? A good quality chemical repellent sprayed at the right time can nip the evil in the bud. For termite spray, you must keep a budget of PKR 45,000. A septic tank is also included in the grey structure and it can be built in PKR 12,000.

Cost of miscellaneous items = PKR 57,000

Total Cost = 7,314,000

So, the total cost to build the grey structure of a 1 kanal house is PKR 7,314,000. Once you have constructed the foundation, you now need to focus on finishing works to complete the construction process.


Complete breakdown of cost of finishing of a 1 kanal house

As depicted in the detailed infographic above, there are many construction jobs involved in the finishing of a 1 kanal house. The details of each subcategory are mentioned below.


Construction cost of a 1 kanal house

Pasting tiles needs professional help

You should never compromise on quality when it comes to building a house and there are certain areas that require your extra attention. For example, you should always invest in good quality tiles. Let us take a look at the number of tiles required to build a double-unit 1 kanal house.

  • Around 465 tiles are used in the flooring of the house, at the rate of PKR 2,000 per piece. It is not inclusive of terrace, garage and bathroom tiles. The total cost rounds off to PKR 931,787.

  • To build the terrace of the house, at least 75 tiles will be required. The rate for tiles per piece is PKR 1,200, which will take your total to PKR 90,299.

  • To build the car porch or garage for a 1 kanal house you would need 700 tiles at the rate of PKR 55 per square metre bringing the total cost to be PKR 38,500.

  • You must hire an expert who can cut tiles and paste them neatly on the floor. The labour cost of installing tiles is PKR 361,125.

In Pakistan, marble is usually used to build the staircase of the house. If you want to use marble in the finishing of stairs in the unit under consideration, then you’ll need around PKR 162,500. To build kitchen shelves and the countertop, the figure hovers around PKR 50,000. For double-glazed windows, keep a budget of PKR 80,000.

Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 1,482,111


To avoid any mishaps and electric shocks, it is important to install switch boards and place electric wires in those areas that are not easily accessible by children.

  • Around 35 switch boards and push buttons are required. The rate per piece is PKR 700, which brings the total to PKR 24,500.

  • The same number of power plugs and sockets, around 35, would be used. The rate per piece, in this case, is PKR 450, taking the total to PKR 15,750

  • Lights, lamps and chandeliers would cost you around PKR 224,750.

  • At least 14 fans would be installed in the unit under consideration; each fan will cost you around PKR 6,500, taking the total to PKR 90,000.

  • 8 exhaust fans will cost you around PKR 2,500. The cost of circuit breakers used in the house will be PKR 100,000.

    Cost of electrical components = PKR 525,000


To build a 1 kanal residential unit you need to buy good quality bathroom sets

You need to invest in good quality bathroom accessories

A house is incomplete without fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. One kitchen hood costs PKR 40,000 and you’ll need two for the unit under consideration. So, you’d need around PKR 80,000 for two kitchen hoods. Similarly, there are two kitchen sinks with each unit available for PKR 15,000, taking the total to PKR 30,000.

Bathroom hangings per unit cost PKR 5,000, and you’d need PKR 25,000 worth of material in total. Meanwhile, the total expense of installing 6 commodes will be somewhere around PKR 90,000; each commode would cost you PKR 15,000. Let’s not forget vanity sets. You’d need at least 6 and the cost, per set, is PKR 8,000, which means you’d need to shell out PKR 48,000 in total. A bathroom without a bath set isn’t really a bathroom. You’ll need 5 complete bath sets, which are available for PKR 20,000 per unit; the final cost, therefore, would be PKR 100,000.

Cost of Kitchen and Bath Accessories = PKR 423,000


Be extra careful while choosing the right colour for your new home. And remember: paint your house after installing switchboards and light fixtures. Apply a base coat first and then apply different layers of paint to give that refined look to your house. Please note that you will most definitely need a professional to do the job for you. This part will include the painter’s fee. If you’re using Master paints, be prepared to shell out PKR 550,000.

When it comes to the exterior of a house, rockwall is what people usually go for in Pakistan. It’s not very complicated and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The base coat for rockwall is very important as it adds strength to any additional layers. The total cost for applying rockwall outside a 1 kanal unit is PKR 125,000.

Most house ceilings have a design known as a false ceiling. It would cost you PKR 65 per sq ft. So, for a 5,575 sq ft covered area of a 1 kanal house, it would cost you at least PKR 362,375.

Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 1,037,375


Glass and aluminum can’t be ignored while discussing the finishing cost of a 1 kanal house. The cost of installing aluminum windows and glass panes in the unit under consideration would be somewhere around PKR 495,000. The staircase railing would cost you around PKR 125,000.

Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 620,000


Cupboards, doors and kitchen cabinets are a must when it comes to woodwork. If you invest in built-in wardrobes and cabinets, it can save you the money you might spend on buying these articles separately. Of course, when you build your own kitchen cabinets and customized wardrobes, you must keep a sharp eye on the quality of wood. Here’s a summary of the major components you’ll need to install and their rates:

  • Doors with polish: PKR 300,000

  • Door handles: PKR 40,000

  • Kitchen cabinets: PKR 450,000

  • Built-in wardrobes: PKR 405,000

  • LCD rack: PKR 80,000

Total cost of Woodwork = PKR 1,275,000

Total cost of house finishing = PKR 5,703,611

This was a comprehensive breakdown of the complete construction cost of a 1 kanal house. When we combine the grey structure and finishing costs, we get the final budget for a double-storey 1 kanal house.

Total construction cost of a 1 kanal house = PKR 7,314,000 + PKR 5,703,611 = PKR 13,017,611

So, there you have it — a detailed analysis of how building a 1 kanal house in Pakistan would cost you PKR 13,017,611.

Note: The estimated rates quoted in this article are from November 2019.