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Best Location to Buy A Commercial Plot in DHA Lahore

If we talk about the commercial market of DHA, this market is giving profit in each aspect of investment like for personal use, investment purpose, and rental return. In this article, we will discuss, this year where you should buy plots in DHA, Lahore.

DHA has a wide area offering a number of housing and commercial opportunities you have to choose a suitable place according to the nature of your business that in which area you have to invest to get a return.

Rental Returns

For high rental yield, there are limited options in DHA Lahore. You need to understand the capability of investment regarding rental returns. You can consider the following areas for this purpose.

  •       Phase 6 MB

  •        Phase 5 CCA

  •        Phase 3 Y and Z block

These areas can offer you 4 to 8 Marla commercial opportunities. You can certainly go for a plot instead of a plaza in Y block or Z block. 8 Marla location in Y block is better than 4 Marla plot locations for investment purpose.

To establish your own business

Depending on the nature of the business you have to select a location for personal use. If it is a retail outlet it depends on the kind of retail outlet also matters. If we talk about furniture and tiles business you will definitely look towards DD, Phase 6 CCA 1, FF market, Phase 6 MB.

For cloth business:

  •       G and H block

  •         Y block

  •         Near Alfatah of Y block

For cafes or restaurants:

  •       4 or 7 Marla in H block market

  •      Location on the main roads like Phase 5 main road, and Phase 2 main road commercials on and near Lalik Jan Chowk.

  •        The around Jaidi Pan Shop, Karachi hot and spicy are considerable to cater to middle, middle-upper class.

  •        Z block market facing inner parking for a high-end food outlet your option is for low-end food items or small businesses

  •       For bakery and stores, you can choose any on the main road such as G or Y block main road commercials, Phase 4 DD or FF main road.

For Investment purpose

For investment purpose you can look upon the areas mentioned below:

  •      Phase 9 Town

  •        Phase 8 Broadway

  •        Phase 6 CCA 2

  •        DHA Rahbar Phase 2

  •        Phase 8 Park View file

On the main road prices are nearing maturity but if you buy plot back from the main road prices are reasonable about half as compare to the main road. But it will also be beneficial, prices will definitely get high within two or three years in such a lucrative area.  The 4 Marla file has a lot to offer, DHA Rahbar Phase 2 is also offering 4 Marla files which is highly advisable for a short term investment.

E block is also a good choice for startup, prices are not such high in this block as others but after the development, there will be an abrupt climb in prices.

If you are interested to make any kind of commercial investment in DHA Lahore, it is the best time when the real estate market can entertain you in the negotiation of your demand and market prices because property market is low in this year. It may rise at the end of this year but the rise of the field will be sudden and profitable, so do not miss the chance to relish your future.