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New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir Ceremony For The Possession Opening of General Enclave Sector 1 D Block

New Metro City’s CEO Bilal Bashir Malik on Tuesday 11th of August will be attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for the possession opening of General Enclave Sector 1 D Block.Stay tuned!

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DHA Multan The latest possession and development updates August 2020

DHA Multan, ever since its inception in 2017, has been making massive strides in development. The standard of living being created here is beyond anything seen in the region and is bringing numerous exemplary features to the area.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the development work here has still progressed, with all precautions and SOPs followed. This is ensured by the fact that the DHA name cements the project’s reliability and quality. All over Pakistan, people put their trust in every transaction made in DHA projects. This is because they know their investment is secure and that they’ll be experiencing excellent standards of living.

What is the possession and development updates status of DHA Multan?

On June 18, 2020, an event was held at The Arena to announce that DHA Multan opened up possession for Sector M and so far 100 plus plot possessions have been given to esteemed customers. This was met with much enthusiasm by investors, agents, and genuine buyers alike. In addition, it brought attention back to the real estate market, spearheading its recovery.

At the event, Project Director Brigadier Shoeb Anwar Kayani addressed the audience and gave them a detailed presentation about the development status of DHA Multan. Primarily, he revealed that Sector M’s possession status makes it open for construction, and then proceeded to let people know about the status of various other sectors. He stated Sector Q, is complete by 98% and will be open for possession in Aug 2020. Sectors C, H, R, and U are experiencing fast-paced development as well besides Sector R is complete by 80% and is next in pipeline. The Project Director revealed in a recent interview that Sectors Q, R, and U will probably be delivered within this year Meanwhile, Contractor have already been mobilized in Sectors A and V, meaning that work here will be completed soon as well.

As for the amenities, they are in process for the developed sectors, while the main sewerage trunk has already been completed. The water tanks and distribution are also underway, and 4-5 more sectors will be opened for development in the Fiscal Year 2020-21.

Center Square, DHA MultanCenter Square’s crossroads 

Sector M is up for possessionSector M roads and plots

Sector Q roads and plotsSector Q, DHA Multan

Sector R roads and plotSector R, DHA Multan

DHA Multan believes in making its buyers as content as possible with their purchase. Hence, it announced that development and utility charges will be waived on the property if its owner completes a certain level of construction on the plot within one year. This is a huge incentive, especially with the historically accommodating time for construction in Pakistan. This announcement, in particular, generated a wave of enthusiasm through the property market.


There are a number of attractions being offered in DHA Multan, but one that stands out is the Rumanza Championship Signature Golf Course, which had its ground-breaking ceremony in November 2018. This golf course is designed by Sir Nick Faldo, one of the top international players of the sport. The management also consists of highly trained international professionals, who will ensure this golf course remains among the top in the region. This Championship Signature Golf Course will be at par with tournament standards and will have a number of challenges perfect for the avid player.

Two men holding a mapDHA Multan management with Sir Nick Faldo

Golf course excavation underwayRumanza Golf Course excavation

Latest development in the golf courseRumanza Golf course development

As per the latest updates at the ceremony, the excavation of 12 holes has been completed, with the shaping of 9 holes done. The lake lining is being installed, and 9 holes are expected to be functional by November 2020. In addition, Clubhouse construction and the commencement of horticulture started in July 2020.

Tentatively Real Estate is expected to be launched by Oct/Nov 2020. With international architectural design RUMANZA Residential community design work is complete and infrastructure development work is accomplished by 50%.  Investment would be comprised of premium real estate including 4 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 1 Kanal, 12 Marla, both Plots and Constructed Villas.


The earth-breaking ceremony of Villas Shopping Arcade took place on April 23, and it is expected to be completed in February 2021. It follows international standards of development and promises an excellent shopping experience to its visitors. It offers a 3-floor shopping mall, with space for double-story designer shops for all the top brands and eateries in the country, in addition to parking space for 200 cars.

A render of the DHA Villas Shopping ArcadeDHA Villas Shopping Arcade

The DHA Villas community will have extremely easy access to this amazing commercial building very soon, as they can expect possession for 250 of these villas in December 2020, and the Villas Shopping Arcade is expected to be completed in February 2021. The residents will also enjoy the Villas Community Park and will be able to say their prayers at Bilal Masjid. The grey structure of these 556 villas is already complete, and the finishing work is underway.

A map of the DHA Villas Community ParkDHA Villas Community Park 

Construction status of DHA VillasDHA Villas


The site office of DHA Multan was inaugurated on April 23, 2020, and was made operational in record time. It lets buyers and dealers get their paperwork and all other procedures done for DHA Multan property, with all safety protocols in place. The marketing office, P&D office, and Transfer Office here are fully functional. It houses a state of the art Marketing Office to brief customers on the Project features, facilities and development works, also dedicated vehicle taking desirous customers for the tour of the Project.

DHA Multan Site OfficeSite office of DHA Multan

The Dealer’s Enclave was inaugurated on the same date and is also operational since May 2020. Numerous dealers are already working in the enclave, and the site office nearby streamlines the whole process. The Dealer’s Enclave is the best place to visit for potential buyers, as it offers ease of operations, with 24 offices. This is because the site office and marketing office nearby let dealers and buyers get all their documentation done without having to travel far and wide, and also lets interested parties take a look at the project. This means that property transfer will be convenient and a higher customer footprint will be achieved.

Dealer’s Enclave, DHA MultanThe Dealer’s Enclave in DHA Multan


DHA Multan is also offering a number of other stellar features and facilities. One of these is the very venue the M Sector possession ceremony took place in, The Arena. This venue is South Punjab’s premier event complex, and was launched in 2018. It has the capacity to hold 3,000 people, and has a variety of features, such as 27 guest rooms, a conference room, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a photo studio, and a bridal room.

The Arena in DHA MultanThe Arena, DHA Multan

Side view of The ArenaThe Arena, Side view

In addition, families won’t have to worry about education when they move to DHA Multan. At the school level, SICAs/Kids Kampus has been operational since 2019, with a highly experienced staff, swimming pool, robotics lab and state-of-the-art classrooms. For higher education, DHA Multan signed MoU with the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on April 15, 2020. Its Possession taken in July 2020 and construction will commence soon to build its Multan campus in DHA.

SICAS, DHA Multan SICAS, DHA Multan campus 

Children will greatly enjoy the DHA 360 Zoo, which had its ground-breaking ceremony on April 23, 2020, and is under development. This public entertainment facility is being developed keeping the concept of Zoological and Botanical Gardens on Jinnah Avenue in mind. It will feature an animal exploration trail, largest aviary around, a thrill restaurant, horse and camel safaris, and kids’ play areas. All these features will be offered in an immense area of 10 acres.

Render of DHA 360 ZooDHA 360 Zoo

DHA 360 ZooDHA 360 Zoo poster

Other projects in process are the Wasim Akram Sports Complex (designing in process), a state-of-the-art hospital featuring an international consortium, an upcoming Water Sports & Theme Park, Jogging/walking tracks (opening in August 2020), dancing fountains and monuments. The developers are also planning space for construction material vendor shops in DHA Multan and fuel stations (with members’ facilitation). The boundary wall to complete its status as a secure gated community is also in process. Lighting your way towards a better future, DHA Multan is rapidly progressing towards completion in terms of infrastructure and we have successfully completed the process of lighting.

Underground pipesProvisions for amenities in DHA Multan

Streetlights in DHA MultanA night view of DHA Multan

DHA Nursery has been established with a capacity of 1.8 million saplings on 150 Acres in partnership with Desert Group UAE to materialize the vision of Green DHA Multan. Following the symbolic representation of Multan, 5 Acres within Mother Nursery has been allocated for Mango propagation facility.

Nursery with green roofsNursery in DHA Multan

DHA Multan Mango EnclaveMango Enclave in DHA Multan

In conclusion, DHA Multan is indisputably the best project in the region, and will uplift living standards there. Its steady pace of development is quite encouraging and offers a lot for both genuine buyers and investors. Interested buyers should go to the site office or get all the information they need by visiting DHA Multan’s website. The time is ripe to purchase here as any investment will reap immense benefits and returns soon.

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A Review Of Ravi River Urban Development Project Lahore

Prime Minister Imran Khan officially launched “Ravi River Urban Development Project” in Lahore on Friday, August 07, 2020. This is an ambitious development project with an approximate cost of 5 trillion rupees, i.e. 5000 billion rupees. This project was envisioned in 1949, but has since been pending due to disinterest of consecutive governments in such a large scale urban development project that would require a huge budget and about 3 decades to materialize.

Ravi River Urban Development Project is the need of Today’s Lahore and it will help resolve the critical issues like water scarcity, horizontal expansion of the city on agricultural lands, environmental hazards as well as it will spur economic activities by creating thousands of new jobs and attracting local and overseas investments.

You can mark the location of this project in Lahore on the following map:

Ravi River Project Location

As you can see on the map attached above, the project spreads across Lahore from GT Road to Motor M-2 and beyond and it runs along the Ravi River.

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has assigned the task of Urban Planning and Design of River Ravi Project to Meinhardt Group, Singapore. The consultant has disclosed the following information about the project plan and their development targets:

The proposed RRUDP will extend over an area of about 414 km2 and will be implemented over 30 years period in three phases. The above analysis supported the feasibility of having twelve sectors in RRUDP, namely: Medical City, Residential, Mix-use, Urban Farms, Downtown, Commercial City, Innovation City, Government / Financial City, Tourism, Central City, Knowledge City, Echo-City and Sports City.

The environmental and social impact assessment highlighted the positive impacts of the project such as economic uplifting of the region and country, improved quality of life, socioeconomic and lifestyle enhancement, ecological uplifting of River Ravi, sustainable lifestyle, tourism and flood protection. There will also be some negative impacts (such as loss of agricultural lands of about 76,684 acres and impact on almost 65 settlements that include 20,723 households with the population of 80,000 along with their assets during project implementation and operational stages. However, these are expected to be temporary in nature and can be mitigated as suggested in EIA and SIA reports.

Following are some planning and design images of RRUDP Lahore:

Under this project, following projects will be planned and developed in Lahore:

  • Eco-friendly modern facilities will be developed for education, health, government institutions, commercial activities, sports and many other purpose built centers. That will include Knowledge City, Medical City, Sports City, Innovation City and Financial City.

  • It will promote different activities like Education, Culture, Technology, Sports and Business, and create jobs.

  • 46 KM long lake will be developed that will help control floods as well as maintain the underground water table in Lahore.

  • Three barrages will be constructed on River Ravi that will store approximately 271 Billion Litres of water.

  • Filtration plants to be installed to make Ravi water potable. Sewerage treatment plants will be installed to treat waste water before draining into Ravi River.

  • Six million trees will be planted to create an urban forest. It will not only help reduce pollution in Lahore, but also help secure natural habitat.

As we know that Lahore is one of the most rapidly expanding city in Pakistan, and due to horizontal expansion, large swathes of agricultural land have been developed into housing schemes. If this expansion continues, we will end up with a serious shortage of food in the years to come due to shortage of arable land.

Due to mega infrastructure projects in Lahore over time, more than 70% of natural greenery has been destroyed which has caused air pollution and smog issue in Lahore. An urban forest project will help mitigate these issues, control rising temperature, as well as add to the beauty of Lahore.

It is important to note here that River Ravi is not a housing project, but a modern urban development project to help promote commercial activities. The government has just launched this project, but it will take some time before complete land is acquired and each development project is designed and approved for development.

As Prime Minister mentioned in his speech, the government cannot invest in this mega development project. Therefore, private investors including overseas Pakistanis will be invited for making investments in different development projects under this scheme. The government is hoping that a large sum of black money could be invested in this project before 31st December 2020 due to lenient policies of FBR.

The government has also established Ravi River Urban Development Authority that will solely focus on the development tasks related to this particular project. This authority will work under supervision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, so that this project will not succumb to conventional slowdown tactics

Following is the introductory video of River Ravi Urban Development Project:

You may watch the following program on River Ravi Project by Kamran Khan on Dunya News to get detailed information on the project:

Towards the end, we would like to add that this is a very important project for our economy and for Lahore. The government must leave no stone unturned in streamlining all relevant departments to resolve any issues hindering progress on this project. There are serious question marks on the capabilities of this government of handling mega projects, because they have announced several development projects over the past 2 years but nothing has practically happened on ground ever since.

The government must review the performance of each relevant department, and make necessary decisions on time to jump start mega development projects in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar so that economic activities can revive in the country.

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Lahore Smart City Pre-Launch Booking Details, Location & Prices

After the tremendous success of Capital Smart City in Islamabad, FDH is coming up with another exciting chapter of smart city in the city of gardens “Lahore”. Since Lahore is a metropolitan city, and a hub of cultural and economic activities, Lahore Smart City is expected to be an even bigger success, InshaAllah.

As per the officially available information, FDHL has already acquired about 20,000 kanals of compact land along Lahore Bypass, where this housing project is going to be launched in a couple of days or weeks. Project NOC is currently under process at LDA, which is expected to be issued within next 30 days.

You can check the exact location of Lahore Smart City on Google Map embedded below:

As you can see on the google map location above, Lahore Smart City will be located on Lahore Bypass which is accessible through GT road and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. It will also have easier access to Lahore Ring Road that will connect the society with the rest of Lahore.

There is currently no exact information available regarding the planned features and master plan of the society, however we will be updating such details from time to time as and when disclosed by the developer.

Here is the official promo video of Lahore Smart City:

While the official launch is still a few weeks away, the society has introduced pre-launch offer at introductory prices for limited 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots. Just like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City is also going to have Overseas Block and Executive Block. Overseas Pakistanis will be eligible for booking in Overseas block, whereas local residents will be able to book their plots in Executive Block.

Following are the pre-launch prices and payment schedule of residential plots:

Executive Block

  • 5 Marla Plot: 18 Lac Rupees

  • 10 Marla Plot: 33 Lac Rupees

  • 1 Kanal Plot: 54 Lac Rupees

Overseas Block

  • 5 Marla Plot: 19 Lac Rupees

  • 10 Marla Plot: 34 Lac Rupees

  • 1 Kanal Plot: 55 Lac Rupees

Bookings are offered on 10% down payment, followed by 10% confirmation charges payable after 60 days. Remaining amount will be payable in 3.5 years through 14 equal quarterly installments. Please also note that given plot prices do not include development charges.

You may download complete payment plan in pdf format below:

Lahore Smart City Payment_Plan Residential

Important Note: There is a large number of inquires for commercial plots in Lahore Smart City, so it is important to mention here that commercial plots will be launched at a later stage. This pre-launch booking offer has only a limited number of residential plots.

If you are interested to book your plot in the pre-launch offer of Lahore Smart City, feel free to send us a whatsapp message or call at 03331414052 for quick assistance.

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DHA Phase 9 Prism Lahore 690 M Kanal Plot For Sale

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